Revolution or simple scam?

Revolution or simple scam?

It is a French start-up which is at the initiative of the Cicret project and is currently seeking to raise funds directly from its own dedicated site. The project aims to raise 300,000 euros to develop its application and 700,000 euros to develop the first prototype bracelet.

These are two completely different projects that are proposed, but ultimately only one is really put forward for its revolutionary aspect.

And this is where the controversy arises, since the first fundraiser will only serve the development of an anonymous messaging application that will take control of the messages sent as well as the files. The funding of 300,000 euros will be used to develop the application on all mobile platforms of the moment.

It is only when the startup has collected 700,000 euros that it will start work for the most important project: the Cicret bracelet which is presented as a bracelet capable of projecting a touch screen on the forearm of the user.

A picoprojector, various sensors … Everything is attractive, straight out of science fiction films, and seems impractical, or at least, too ambitious for an unknown start-up.

Because it will first have to make progress in different areas before offering this type of product. The picoprojectors are still far too large to fit into a simple bracelet a few millimeters thick. The issue of the battery, which should also be sufficiently large and flexible, poses a problem.

In short, if Cicret promised us a prototype for June 2015 and mass production at the end of the year, we are only asking to see and believe it. Still, many of our colleagues are much more categorical and smell the scam above all.

Given the progress of current funding, the start-up should barely succeed in getting funding for its application.