Results of our iChair tuis contest for iPhone and iPad

Results of our iChair tuis contest for iPhone and iPad

Here are the results from our last quiz / contest in which we offered to win an iChair brand iPhone and iPad case (value 50). You have been around 500 people to participate in our weekly meeting and we thank you! Discover our winner in the sequel.

It is Fiona Closset (Liege). Congratulations it!

See you at the end of the week for our new quiz in which we will offer you a new lot to say the least! Follow the news closely on Belgium-iPhone!

Here are the answers to the questions:

– Apple has decided to sell off the iAd service prices. Prices are now divided by: 2.

– Apple launched a new product this week (week goes by, note), is it? iPad 2.

– A former Apple manager recently pleaded guilty in court in San Jose, California. What was the subject of the crime? : Sale of confidential information.

– A new game featuring a bird has been on the top of the App Store ranking for several days. What is the name of this game? Tiny Wings.

– A new magnetic cover manufactured by Apple is available for the iPad 2. What is special? It covers only the front side.