Resident Evil 8 (Village): Capcom hack reveals gameplay videos and endgame

The Capcom hack resulted in leaked videos from Resident Evil Village, including the end of the game that was revealed. Last month, hackers demanded a ransom from the development studio in exchange for the security of their data, but it appears that the studio misjudged the seriousness of the situation. So be careful, if you don’t want to be spoiled: the images are swarming all over the place right now.

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Credit: Capcom

Watch out for spoilers! If you want to get into Resident Evil Village without knowing a thing or two about it, the next few months are going to be tough. Last November, Capcom, the company that develops and publishes the game, was the subject of a ransom demand by hackers with hacked his database. In view of the magnitude of the leak that is currently pouring out on the Internet, it seems that the studio has not responded favorably.

Suffice to say, the number of information revealed is consequent. Gameplay videos, boss fights, dialogues between characters… In all, these are a twenty cutscenes that hackers posted on Reddit and Imgur. Of course, the images did not take long to be relayed on other forums and social networks, to the great misfortune of some. For good reason: among the many revelations, we find in particular the end-of-game cutscene highly anticipated.

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Many images of Resident Evil Village leak on the web

Throughout the videos, the scenario and the characters of Resident Evil 8 are revealed. During the adventure, we will come across a monster with bat wings, a female-looking vampire and a woman whose role is still unknown. A baby also returns regularly, as well as themes relating to education, which suggests that the story will revolve around this subject. The game is still in development, it is difficult for the moment to confirm the statements of Sony, which announced 4K and ray tracing on PS5.

A lot of other Capcom private data has also been released since the hack. Between the account statements are among others the forecasts of the company on the next games to be released. Something to make your mouth water, especially for fans of the horror saga, since the studio is currently working on a new remake, this time of the very popular Resident Evil 4. This decision is not really one. surprise, so much the industry likes to bring back to taste the cornerstones of the video game, as shown in particular by the last remake of Final Fantasy 7. As a reminder, Resident Evil Village will be released in 2021 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S.

Source: PC Gamer