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Reset and better organize your iPhone screen!

A new feature discreet has appeared since the arrival of firmware 2.0 iPhone (iPhone OS 2.0), it is now possible to reset the springboard of your iPhone (the home screen) and therefore restore it to its original appearance at the icon level …

Since firmware 1.1.3, it is possible to arrange the springboard from your iPhone as desired and even adding webclips (Internet URL shortcuts) to access a web page in one click!

Downloading third-party applications for iPhones jailbreaks and the opening ofApp store have only accentuated the arrival of many new icons and therefore possibly cause an unwanted overload of the main page of the springboard iPhone.

Thanks to the functionality “Reset main screen”, all the downloads and webclips applications will be found from page 2 springboard.

For my part, so as not to get lost among the iconic numbers, I did the following:

Page 1 : original icons of the iPhone

Page 2 and 3 : “Utility” applications

Page 4 : Games and miscellaneous

This makes it easier to find … Finally, this is my way of doing it!

And on your side, how do you organize the springboard of your iPhone?

We discuss it on the forum.