researchers recreate a rat paw in the laboratory

For the first time, American scientists have succeeded in recreating a complete biological leg of a rat, cultivated in the laboratory. The paw obtained has a complete blood circulation network, and its muscles respond to the stimuli of the researchers.

Please note, however, that this is not a kind of cloning, but rather a procedure for the reconstruction and revitalization of a dead limb.

The researchers therefore started with a dead rat, removed a leg from it and applied a new cell regeneration technique. To begin with, the limb was put on an infusion of detergents in order to transform the leg into a sort of extracellular matrix mainly composed of calcium proteins.

It was from this moment that scientists reinjected new cells, cultivated in the laboratory from stem cells. The introduced cells gradually recolonized the limb, until obtaining a kind of regeneration and a functional leg.

The paw was grafted to an amputated rat, and its vascular system has been shown to be fully functional. This technique could allow the creation of biological prostheses that would limit rejection phenomena in recipients.

The next step in this technique will be to repeat the procedure with a primate paw, hoping that one day, humans can benefit from it.