Replace S Voice with Google Now

Replace S Voice with Google Now

On Samsung smartphones, a double press on the central button does not launch the Google personal assistant, but S Voice, the voice control application of the manufacturer. If you want to try Now and Voice does not interest you, follow our guide: how to replace S Voice with Google Now.

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Disable S Voice

We've already shown you the procedure to disable S Voice in the article How to boost your Samsung Galaxy S4? especially. Whether it's an S4, a Note 3 or a other Samsung device integrating S Voice, the operation works.

1. Press the center button twice to start S Voice.

2. Press the menu key, then press settings.

3. Uncheck the box Open via home key.

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Activate a new shortcut

We will use the Home2 Shortcut app to link a shortcut to Google Now from the home button on your Samsung smartphone. So download this app from Google Play and launch it.

Then click on Choose Application, a window opens then. You have the choice between several options: Shortcuts allows you to create a shortcut to DropBox or Google Drive for example, to get Google Now, choose Installed Applications. Then choose the app named Google.

home2shortcut step1
The application is in English, but if you follow the guide all will be fine. / AndroidPIT

In the game Step 2 click on the drop-down menu and choose the speed of reactivity of the double support, if you do not know which one to choose, click on Normal or Shorts.

home2shortcut step2
If you are a frantic of the home button, choose "
very very short ". / AndroidPIT

Under Step 3, you have to choose the application launcher li the home button, what the smartphone does when you press the central button once, all in all. If you want everything to stay as before, choose TouchWiz Home.

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On the left, choose the launcher you want to use. If you have an alternative application launcher, it's time to come forward. / AndroidPIT

Last step, Step 4, Press the home button and when a window appears, click on Home2 Shortcut then on Always. Thus Home2 Shortcut supports the functionality of the home button.

The operation is finished, when you double-tap the central button, Google Now will launch the S Voice. FYI, to remove the shortcut, you can simply uninstall Home2 Shortcut or change the default applications in the settings.

FYI, the Galaxy S5 launches Google Now when you long press the home button, and S Voice after a double press.

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