Repair a remote Windows using the Quick Support feature

Repair a remote Windows using the Quick Support feature

If your PC malfunctions, you have spent hours browsing the web looking for solutions to repair it, but none has been conclusive and effective.

The next step is to turn to a friend or family member who has technical expertise. But, what if he can't move?

Windows 10 built-in functionality may be able to help.

Here's how to solve your remote problem if you and your friend or loved one are both using Windows 10 devices.

Repair a remote computer with Quick Assistance

You may not have heard of the Quick Assist feature, but it is an application that is integrated with Windows 10.

To start helping someone, you must first locate the program, either by doing a direct search or by going to the Start menu.

In the window that appears, under Offer help, select Help another user.

In order to make sure it is you, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account. A six-digit security code appears, it is send to the person you are assisting.

Give access to Quick Assistance

Your relative or friend, who needs your assistance, must in turn open the program, then select Acquire help.

He will then only need to enter this code to authorize you to control his remote device.

Its notch will then appear on your devices. From there, you can also add annotations, change the size of the screen, access the task manager, shut down, restart the PC, etc., and end your access at any time. The person you are helping will be able to see everything you are doing.