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Rent apps on the App Store?

Rent apps on the App Store?

Traces of discovery in the latest beta version of iTunes 10.5 suggest that Apple may be offering apps from its App Store for rent.

What if Apple thought about a system that would circumvent the principle of “satisfaction or refund” by offering a rental service for applications? This is what one might think when we learn that the developer, Sonny Dickson, discovered, by examining “the bowels” of iTunes 10.5 bta 9, traces of codes clearly making reference to a rental system of 'apps. The codes found mention the following parameters:

– Do you want to stop playing this app? – The apps are automatically deleted from your iTunes library at the end of the rental period. – This app will be deleted from your computer.

By offering such a new service, customers of the App Store could see a new way to think twice if the full cost of an application (not particularly cheap) is really worth the detour.

So an app rental service on the App Store, would you be interested?

We discuss it on the forum.