RemixOS installation on his computer

RemixOS installation on his computer

RemixOS installation on his computer

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Jide Tech has released a version of Remix OS, (which can make your PC like an Android smartphone) and this system can be easily used by creating a bootable USB drive.

RemixOS installation on his computer

The installation procedure is very simple and it will not crash your operating system, ie when you will restart your computer it will revert to its operating system that has either Windows / Mac OS / Linux.

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How to install Remix OS

Required configuration

  • A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a write speed recommended of 20MB / s.
  • A CPU with a 64-bit compatibility.

The first step is to go to the Jide site, in the section Remix OS for PC, and download the Remix OS for PC Package file.

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  1. Plug your clUSB into your PC.

2. Uncompress the ZIP file and you will find a file named RemixOS-USB-Tool-xxxxxxx.exe.

3. Launch it and follow the instructions given. Under Windows 10, an early warning window may open, indicating that Windows has protected your computer. Click on Additional information then the button Execute when even to continue. When Remix OS USB Tool asks for an ISO file, click Browse and go to the file Remix_OS_for_PC_64_xxxx_Alpha.iso that was contained in the archive.

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Wait for this operation to be completed.

Start your computer withRemix OS

  1. Plug your USB stick into your computer.

2. Restart your computer. When restarting, press the key to enter the BIOS of your computer (ESC, F1, F2, F8, F10, F12 or DEL depending on the configuration). In the BIOS, go to the section BOOT

3. Select "USB storage device" as the boot option.

At startup, Remix OS will ask you to choose between Guest Mode and Resident Mode. The first offers you a blank system every time you launch, without saving your changes, while the second will save all your changes.

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At first launch, Remix OS is paramtr in English and recognizes your keyboard in QWERTY. To switch it to QWERTY, go to the settings (Settings), then in Language and input. In Language, choose French (France), and in the section Physical keyboardclick on Configure keyboard layouts and choose new French.

Launch Remix OS in Resident mode.

Go to the settings of the OS (Settings), then in security. You will find an option Unknown sources activate. (check this box to enable it)

Download the GMSInstaller file from your Remix OS session, then launch it and click the button installandwait for the end of the process and click on the button Open.

A window will open, click on One-click to install Google Services and wait a few minutes.

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When the installation is finished, close the window and go to the system settings, in the category applications. Look for the application Google Play Services, click on it and go to the section Manage space.

Then click on the button Clear all data, then do something for the application Google Services Framework.

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Once both applications are free of their cache, reboot the system (still in Resident), and you'll find the Google Play Store in your app list. And you can install your apps.

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