Remix OS 2.0: when Android is cut for your PC

Remix OS 2.0: when Android is cut for your PC

Promised thing, thing due. For this article, we decided to touch you a few words about Remix OS 2.0. An operating system that was launched shortly before mid-January 2016 for PCs. An opportunity for us to address this theme around this house OS from a company called Jide. Starting from there, we will try to illuminate your lantern. This goes through explanations of the concept and its functions, in addition to and above all to show you where to download it and how to install it in the most detailed way possible. A system that will allow you to enjoy the interface, functions and Android applications from your PC! Update : a new 32-bit version has been added to the tutorial, the installation procedure remains the same!

Important: before going into the thick of the subject, know that it is necessary to have a minimum of knowledge in computer science, and PC particularly. I am not telling you that you must have NASA engineering status to complete this tutorial. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge of a user who wishes to follow this tutorial will soon run up against the misunderstood and may then be blocked in the middle. I imagine you do not want that. In this case, I recommend you to call a friend who knows. By following his instructions well, you will then know how to make the tutorial of yourself afterwards.

Remix OS 2.0: explanation, download, installation

What is Remix OS 2.0

how to install download remix os 2 0 on pc image 00
Remix OS is a Linux distribution that brings Android to PC. A little the image of Chrome OS in short, but much more successful for once, l o Chrome OS gravitates around the Google browser and not much else. Jide

To want to install Remix OS 2.0, you must already know what it is, and I will present it to you in a few lines. Without going into four ways, Remix OS 2.0 is a modified distribution of Linux that will allow you to install and enjoy the operating system of Android on your desktop and / or laptop. Oh, that's great! But which ?. To be as accurate as possible, this is the version of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, which is the penultimate and remains widely exploitable to enjoy almost all Android functions, in addition to allowing install almost all Google Play apps without problems. If you are a nophyte or do not really know which application (s) to install, Jide even offers you a list of applications that has been voted by the community. That is, users like you and me. To discover it, go to this address.

Which PCs are compatible with Remix OS 2.0

Without going into four ways, the operating system Remix OS 2.0 is compatible with all PCs, including older models. To be more meaningful, Remix OS 2.0 splits into two distinct versions: the first is compatible with recent PCs that are in UEFI, while the second is for older PCs that are Legacy BIOS. Starting from there, you will certainly say that you have no idea which version to choose since you do not know which BIOS houses your PC. Do not worry, I will help you discover it.

how to install download remix os 2 0 legacy vs uefi image 00
Here are the main differences between Legacy and UEFI. MacTech
  • UEFI: Fixed PCs launched after 2008 are supposed to be. As for laptops, the models after 2012.
  • Legacy: it's the opposite. Fixed PCs released before 2008 and laptops sold before 2012 are.

If you're not sure, I'll direct you to this simple tutorial that will help you get the information.

How to download and prepare Remix OS 2.0 on PC

In addition to being separated into two versions, you will have to face another important fact. today, the version of Remix OS 2.0 that offers Jide is an alpha version for developers, but you can – if you have a certain level of knowledge – try it and enjoy it you too. To use it in dual-boot on my personal computer, I found Remix OS 2.0 relatively stable. That is, without any significant bug, in addition to offering excellent fluidity. That said so, I have a bit of a war machine that I also play my lost time (Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970, etc.). Anyway, whatever the performance of the PC … Remix OS 2.0 will adapt depending on the components of your machine.

how to install download remix os 2 0 on pc image 01
Remix OS 2.0 will adapt according to the hardware of the PC used. Jide

What do we need ?

In the first place, you must follow these instructions the letter:

  • A USB 3.0 storage device (at least 8 GB) format in FAT32Postbox> Right click on the device> Format> then choose the format FAT32
  • The zipp file that corresponds to your boot launcher (UEFI or Legacy):
  • Once the zipp file is finished downloading, create a new folder on the desktop.
  • Place the zip file for the moment in the same folder and right click to uncompress it.

Here you have everything! Now, let's get down to testing or installing Remix OS 2.0; because like all distributions of Linux, you can try the OS before installing it permanently on the machine.

How to try and / or install Remix OS 2.0 on PC

After completing the first step, you must:

  • check if the file in which you have uncompressed the ZIP has 3 files
    • They should be named:
      • 'How to Launcher OS Remix for PC'
      • 'Remix_OS_for_PC_64_B2016011402_Alpha_EFI'
      • 'remixos-usb-tool-B2016011401'; which looks like UNetBootin for Linux. Speaking of a, it is also possible to install Remix OS 2.0 from this tool.
  • present, click on the last 'remixos-usb-tool-B2016011401' which will help us to flash / install the image on the USB device
  • At the bottom of the window of the software we have just launched 'Remix OS USB Tool', you have to click on 'Browse' / 'Browse' and look for the ISO image that is in the same file. (Desktop> Remix OS> then click on 'Remix_OS_for_PC_64_B2016011402_Alpha_EFI.iso')
  • Below, check if the letter of the USB storage device is correct, then click 'OK'.
how to install download remix os 2 0 on pc image 03
Here is an example in image, it is a little more speaking. AndroidPIT
  • Logically, the flash procedure is launched on the USB device in 4 steps
    • 1- Downloading files
    • 2- Extraction of files (this task takes time: 2 GB will be copied)
how to install download remix os 2 0 on pc image 04
Here is the famous tape that may take some time to flash the ISO image on the USB. AndroidPIT
    • 3- Install the boot manager
    • 4- Installation finishes, reboot
  • When the installation is finished, the software offers you two options:
    • Restart or Stop, choose the first option
  • When restarting the PC, start the system by pressing F12 to boot directly to the USB mass storage device.
    • If this option does not exist in your PC, you will have to go through the bios of your machine by checking the option that appears on the first or second screen of your computer during the boot. Typically, this is one of the following keys: 'ESCAPE, F1, F2, F8, F10, F12 or DEL', as a Brother of FrAndroid (Manuel Castejon) says.
    • From the moment you are in the BIOS, look for an option named 'BOOT', then click on the name of your USB mass storage device to boot to it.
  • If you already found the option, choose to boot to the USB on which you installed the ISO image. From there, the system begins to boot on the USB storage device.
  • Following this, your computer stops on a menu that should display two options:
    • Guest Mode: to try Remix OS 2.0
    • Resident Mode: to install Remix OS 2.0
  • If you are not sure, click on try to partially boot the system on the USB, or
  • if you want to install it in dual boot on the PC, you have to press the 'TAB' key during the boot and specify the boot parameter. Here is an example of the complete command: / kernel initrd = / initrd.img root = / dev / ram0 androidboot.hardware = android.x86 INSTALL = 1 DEBUG = After pressing Enter, the option to install it on disk hard should appear.
  • Otherwise, if you want to resurrect a machine, simply click on the 'Resident Mode (Install)' option.
how to install download remix os 2 0 on pc image 06
Once the boot is done, you should be able to access all the features of Android, including Google Play. AndroidPIT

We now come to the end of this installation tutorial, but we have not done everything yet! Oh? Yes, I still have some clarifications to bring you. See you in the next and last section.

Once the system starts, know that …

The language of the system can be changed, but not for the office

The first start of the system offers you three languages, including English. Choose English. Once the system is fully launched, you can go to the settings to configure the French in the options. On the other hand, keep in mind that the language of the Launcher / Office / Home Screen will remain in English. Why ? Simply because it is an alpha version dedicated to developers … The French language has not yet been added since it is being translated and will be adopted for the beta or stable version.

The Multi-screen is not support, but will be in a future version

If you own a PC with several notches, you will be du since the multi-screen mode (Multi-Screen) is not yet support. Again, it is an alpha. Which means that the development of the OS is not even half for this version 'Developer edition' which will evolve, of course.

Installing Remix OS 2.0 directly on a USB device is also possible

It's possible. To do this, simply flash the image using a software: from Windows and / or from OSX.

Install Google apps, if they are blocked

If Google apps are not enabled by default, here's how to do it with this video tutorial.

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