ReMarkable: second trial for the electronic ink tablet

Do you still dream of a large electronic ink tablet, a mixture of iPad and Kindle, accompanied by a stylus? Since Sony reserves its DPT tablets for professionals, and the Boox tablets and their clones represent the worst of the hazardous assembly of components off the shelf, all you have left is ReMarkable. Who hopes to prolong the fantasy with a second generation of his paper tablet.

ReMarkable2. ReMarkable image.

Without knowing the same success as the iPad, the ReMarkable tablet has created a small niche with an audience of enthusiasts, and of course in some companies. However, it suffered from an unstable system and a complex interface, two points resolved in recent weeks, with a major update. Only the ReMarkable fare pitches were worth 499.

this price, she actually a lot less than a simple iPad, which is worth ten euros less with its Pencil. The ReMarkable is not a tablet computer, but a block of electronic paper, this old dream of the 1970s which can now be realized. It only has three apps: a notepad with a character recognition mechanism and a cloud synchronization system, a PDF document reader, and an ePub book reader.

ReMarkable image.

Interest? Its 10.3 "notch that it looks like paper, which uses eInk Carta display technology to achieve a resolution of 226dpi, but also, and above all, proprietary Canvas technology to offer tiny latency. We are currently testing the first generation, and we can confirm that the latency is incredibly low not only for an eInk screen, but for a very short screen.

The ReMarkable2 uses the same technology, further improved to reduce the 21ms latency, two times less than before. The texture of the screen and the material of the tip of the stylus reinforce the tactile, and above all sound, impression of writing on paper. And charging is now done through a USB-C port. With its undoubtedly more elegant appearance and its reduced thickness 4.7mm, the ReMarkable2 prides itself on being the thinnest tablet in the world.

ReMarkable image.

But his best argument is still its price. Despite its new system which integrates a different playback system similar to Instapaper, despite its new bicur processor, the ReMarkable2 is worth 100 less than its predecessor. During the pre-order period, which will last until June, ReMarkable offers the stylus and the protective cover, as well as the shipping costs.