Release dates of iOS 13, iPad OS and their beta

ios13 date de sortie iOS 13 bêta 7 est disponible au téléchargement

iOS 13 release date Release dates of iOS 13, iPad OS and their beta

Since the keynote of June 3 at WWDC 2019, information on iOS 13 and iPadOS has not stopped flowing. Among the list of new features for iOS 13 and iPadOS, we can retain some which attracted more attention.

What’s new in iOS 13

ios13 new releases iOS 13, iPad OS and beta releases

  • Dark mode : we remember it again, but it is perhaps THE most awaited novelty. Activate and deactivate easily, this feature is not only there to save the battery of our iPhone, especially OLED screens, but it will also be appreciated for your view. macOS Mojave already has a dark mode just like some iOS applications;
  • Downloading applications : to download an app in cellular mode, with internet package, it should not exceed 150 MB. With iOS 13, it will be 200 MB, otherwise you need to switch to Wi-Fi;
  • The application Posts has a profile system similar to WhatsApp. You will be able to add names, photos and people;
  • Swipe-to-type keyboard : after Android, it is Apple’s turn to integrate, without an application, a SwiftKey keyboard. It will no longer be necessary to lift your finger to write a word;
  • Content sharing with an improved and easier interface. Application shortcuts, but also of friends and groups of friends with the usual means;
  • The application Reminders has been reviewed with better intelligent organization;
  • Viewing videos : you can switch a video in landscape mode, even if it was taken in portrait;
  • The Files app can import or export files with an external disk (hard disk, USB key, etc.).


ipados release date 1 Release dates of iOS 13, iPad OS and their beta

You will have to get used to it, the iPad will no longer be iOS but iPadOS (easy to remember), getting even closer to macOS.

ipados iOS 13, iPad OS and beta release dates

  • iOS 13 : the new features of iOS 13 are integrated;
  • Download manager in Safari : Safari on iPad now displays the desktop version and more mobile sites, it also gains a download manager similar to macOS;
  • Home screen has smaller icons and can shrink to display widgets;
  • The multitasking has been improved with, among other things, the possibility of opening 2 windows of the same application;
  • Sidecar is a feature that allows macOS Catalina to use an iPad as a second screen. It still has its touch functionality and the Apple Pencil remains usable.

Release dates

There is still no official date for the release of the final version of the various OSes. However, during the keynote, Apple announced that these releases will be for this fall of 2019.

apple 2019 release dates Release dates of iOS 13, iPad OS and their beta

However, if we believe that the usual calendar, iOS 13 and iPadOS should be released about 1 week after the keynote which will take place in September.

The beta developer for each OS has been available since the end of the keynote, that is, since June 3.

As for you, user, if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 13 or your iPad with iPadOS, you can now install the public beta which has been available since June 24. The public beta of tvOS 13 is also out, as is macOS Catalina, which you can start using if your Mac is compatible.


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