appels iconnus messagerie Comment rediriger vers la messagerie de votre iPhone les numéros inconnus

Redirect calls from strangers to voicemail

How to redirect unknown numbers to your iPhone's voicemail

We are not going to talk about unknown numbers in the sense of masked numbers. Rather in the sense that the number appears, but you don't know it. This is one of the new features of iOS 13, calls from these numbers can be automatically redirected to your mailbox. Why ? Too much phone call or a (semi) quiet moment, without activating Do not disturb mode.

1. Operation of silent unknown calls

Silent unknown calls, that's the name of this feature.

Calls considered as unknown calls are those which:

  • Are not saved in your contacts;
  • Were not called recently;
  • Are not in the Siri suggestions.

Thanks to Siri's suggestions, if the number is found in an email, it will not be considered unknown. The same is true for text messages or calendar information.

It is not a question of blocking numbers, but rather of filtering them. Indeed, they will be redirected directly to your mailbox. Then, you will receive the usual SMS of the correspondent who sought to reach you by leaving or not a message. You will be kept informed of each call. Without having the distraction of the call.

iphone sms call missing How to redirect unknown numbers to your iPhone's messaging system

2. How do I redirect these calls to messaging?

Redirect these unknown calls to voicemail is the story of a single setting that turns on and off quickly. You will activate the functionality Silent unknown calls.

2.1. Come on Settings > Phone ;

2.2. In the game Silent calls and blocked contacts, activate Silent unknown calls.

iphone silent unknown call settings How to redirect unknown numbers to your iPhone's messaging systemIt is not recommended to activate this feature if you are waiting for a package or other similar call. In fact, if a delivery man has to call you and he falls directly on the messaging system, you risk missing him. The same could be said for those who are looking for jobs or clients. However, do not forget that you will still receive the SMS, the voice message and that the number will be in your calls missed. After all, you are entitled to a short break.

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