Reddit acquires Dubsmash to compete with TikTok

Reddit bought out Dubsmash with TikTok in its sights. Officially, the platform wants to launch into video, the most popular format on the web, by supporting creators. In fact, it’s likely to have it after the most popular app of the year.

Tiktok Dumbmash

Do you remember Dubsmash? In 2014, this application was a hit by allowing you to replay your favorite movie scenes. The principle is simple: you select a sound, a line or a piece of music and then film yourself playing playback. If the concept sounds familiar to you, that’s okay: TikTok is based on more or less the same concept. So it’s not by chance that Reddit announced its takeover of Dubsmash this Sunday, according to her to help “Video creators and users who are under-represented in social networks”.

It turns out, however, that the app is one of the few that can boast of competing with TikTok. With 350 million downloads and 6 billion videos created, it is getting closer to the Chinese giant and its 50 million active users. In addition, Dubsmash has already collected $ 20.2 million during a fundraiser. If we add the 52 million subscribers on Reddit, the stars should in theory line up to face the most downloaded app of 2020, ahead of Facebook.

Reddit wants to support video creators

As Reddit points out, “Video is increasingly at the heart of how people want to connect”, but also at the heart of a rivalry between platforms. Indeed, TikTok could in turn compete with Youtube by allowing the posting of 3-minute videos. “NOTWe are dedicated to providing the best possible tools that users need to find, create, and interact with each other through video. We also look forward to bringing our teams together to combine the unique experience of creating Dubsmash with the growth engine of the Reddit community ”.

For his part, Dubsmash explained that he wanted to create “A safe and welcoming platform for under-represented communities”, to which Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, replied: “Reddit and Dubsmash both share a deep respect for the way communities come together. […] It is clear that our missions align closely and that our community-based platforms can coexist and grow as we learn from each other ”. Dubsmash’s services should therefore soon be integrated into the Reddit site and application. According to the agreement, Dubsmash will not lose its platform and will keep its own brand.

Source: ZDNet