Red, yellow, blue and green low cost iPhone: new photos

iPhone low cost couleurs - iPhone low cost rouge, jaune, bleu et vert : nouvelles photos

Definitely, it seems that there are already dozens of models oflow cost iphone all different around the world. Indeed, a few days after those shared by our colleagues from Nowhereelse (read: iPhone low cost: photos of yellow, red and green models?), it’s developer Sonny Dickson’s turn to publish several supposed photos of theiPhone low costApple.

We thus see there several models of different colors (red, yellow, white, blue, green), as suggested by the rumors that circulate on the canvas and join the different concepts that the designers have fun making for our greatest pleasure ( read: low cost iPhone: a first 3D rendering in color).

Low cost iPhone colors - Red, yellow, blue and green low cost iPhone: new photos

In addition, the man also shares another snapshot of the volume buttons of these colorful models, and we now have another idea of ​​how the control can be managed on this device. The last model that had leaked had no button on its sides, which suggested an innovation on the part of the Cupertino company. What is it?

iPhone low cost colors volume buttons - iPhone low cost red, yellow, blue and green: new photos

Anyway, all sources agree that thelow cost iphone could come out almost at the same time as theiPhone 5S, before the end of the year, therefore. Its reduced price (due to its aluminum shell) would allow it to be marketed mainly in emerging countries.