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Red by SFR: Free has fun with the forced price increase of its competitor

Free took the liberty of gently tackling SFR on social networks, after a further increase in the price of RED subscribers’ packages. It’s fair game.

free tackle sfr
Credit: Free

SFR has the annoying habit of discreetly increasing its prices. This is not the first time that the operator with the red square has found himself in the crosshairs of consumer defense associations. Already in January 2020, the UFC Que Choisir denounced a new hidden increase of € 3 per month, via the addition of an option dedicated to cybersecurity.

In September 2020, the company is cracking down again with an 80% increase in the prices of RED packages, in exchange for 10 GB of additional data. And this early December 2020, SFR struck again. Again on the pretext of a larger envelope of mobile data, the operator has decided to increase the price of certain RED by SFR packages by € 3.

A mandatory increase, which will be applied from January 2021. No way to refuse it, your only option is termination. Obviously, many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks following this umpteenth rate increase. “That’s € 3 for 10 GB, we don’t bother at RED by SFR! So Free, Orange, Sosh and Bouygues Telecom who says better? ”, writes Clélie H. on Twitter.

The community manager of Free could not help but seize this pole stretched to gently tackle its competitor. “Hello, we are told that the Giga is expensive ”, wrote the representative of the operator on Twitter. Clever, the CM takes the opportunity to drag a link to its website and the prices of its various packages.

As a reminder, Orange and SFR were recently taken to court by a consumer advocacy association. The CLCV organization accuses the two operators of promoting their 5G packages, while the networks are far from functional. In fact, the association is suing the two companies for questionable business practices.

In addition, CLCV also criticizes Orange and SFR for offering overpriced 5G compatible 4G packages, at a time when 5G is still far from being available everywhere in France. Finally, the association criticizes opaque communication from the two operators, in particular concerning access to 5G in such and such a geographical area.