forfait 5G red by sfr 130 Go

Red by SFR follows in the footsteps of B & You and launches a 5G 130 GB package at 25 €

Red by SFR is aligned with B & You and offers a 5G mobile plan without commitment including 130 GB of internet, unlimited SMS / MMS calls as well as a 13 GB internet envelope usable from the European Union and the overseas departments.

package 5G red by sfr 130 Go

With its new 5G package, Red by SFR is aligned with B & You

While the 5G B & You 130 GB package still runs until December 16, 2020, Red by SFR intends to counter it by offering a fairly similar mobile package at € 25 per month (against € 24.99 for B & You). Thus, the operator at the red square is also launching a special offer on a 5G package without commitment with a price that does not increase, even after the first year.

Like its competitor’s offer, the 5G Red by SFR package also includes 130 GB of internet, a 13 GB envelope usable from the European Union, and the overseas departments but also unlimited calls, SMS / MMS. B & You also offers 15 GB usable in Europe / DOM, or 2 GB more than Red by SFR.

Short offer until December 21, 2020. After this period, the price of the package will drop to € 30 per month. You might as well enjoy it while there is still time. Note that if you consume the 130 GB envelope, you have the option of requesting a 50 GB recharge billed at € 10, non-renewable during the billing month and valid only in mainland France.

This is the first 5G mobile plan without commitment offered by Red by SFR. With the democratization of 5G, 2021 will certainly be the year of packages of this type. The SIM card is billed at 10 euros and is sent by post a few days after validation of the file. Finally, if you are not convinced by this offer, use our comparator of the best mobile plans to find the one that best suits your budget and needs or consult the best offers of the moment on 5G plans.