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Recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger

Want to take a look at your old Facebook posts … but have you deleted them? Know that your data is never lost on Facebook. And we provide you with proof!

A moment of inattention, a false manipulation, and now some of your precious Facebook Messenger conversations have disappeared. Before panicking, know that most of the time, it is possible to find them, Facebook keeping a copy of your data on its servers. We will therefore have to request this copy in order to find the data that interests us, here is how to do it.

Create your Facebook archive

The first step is therefore to create the archive of its data on Facebook, which will require you to connect to your account from a computer. Then go to “Settings” from the drop-down menu at the top right, and go to the “General” tab. On this page, you should see a message about your Facebook data followed by a link, click it and then follow the “Download your information” link.

Image 1: Recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger
Image 2: Recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger
Image 3: Recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger
Image 4: Recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger
Image 5: Recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger

This option allows you to download all or part of your Facebook data, so you can take a minute to adjust the settings to your liking. In the case that interests us, just make sure to include the messages in the archive, as well as the possible period of the messages concerned, before clicking “Create a file”.

It is then in your mailbox that you will have to go. Facebook will send you a first message there to let you know that you have requested a copy of your data, and that these are being processed. It will then be necessary to wait a few minutes (the duration varies depending on the number of data to be processed) for your archive to be ready, a second email will notify you when this is the case.

Download your archive and find your messages

Back on Facebook, and more specifically on the “Download your information” page, which you can find by following the link in the second email. Click on “Download” (your password will be requested again for security reasons) and open the archive you have just received. The different files contain your raw data, but you are interested in the “Index.html” page, click it to open it in your browser, and go to the “Message” section.

Here are all of your conversations that Facebook has kept track of. There are two things to note: these conversations cannot be completely restored in Messenger if they have been deleted, but since this copy is saved to your hard drive, you are less likely to lose it again, especially since you can download it on multiple devices if needed. Finally, if a conversation you are looking for is missing from this archive, it is because it has been deleted from Facebook servers, and can therefore no longer be recovered.

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