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RealMyst: Myst in 3D soon on iPad 2

RealMyst: Myst in 3D soon on iPad 2

After a very simple porting of Myst, CyanWorlds will soon release an adaptation of the fully 3D version, RealMyst, exclusively on iPad 2. The software will allow this time to walk freely in the universe of Myst and thus happen still images from the first part, which had aged badly…

RealMyst is a bit of a remedial course for anyone who has missed porting Myst to iOS. The editor has indeed made the decision to bring his adaptation in 3D, RealMyst, exclusively on iPad 2. Unlike his year, RealMyst does not use fixed shots but offers you indeed to walk in the enchanting world of Myst, all in first person view. An updated graphic design allows it to be more pleasant to the retina and could make it much more popular than its big brother, who had aged badly when ported to iPad. For the rest, the software will mix wonderfully as usual and solve rather Corsican puzzles. Expected release next spring.

We talk on the forum.

(Source: TouchArcade)