reality increases for transparent amounts

reality increases for transparent amounts

Jaguar Land Rover is definitely very prolific when it comes to imagining the interfaces of tomorrow. Between the transparent 4×4 hood revealing obstacles or piloting assistance interfaces dedicated to Jaguar sport models.

Jaguar Land Rover augmented reality 1 This time, Jaguar is betting on a safety-oriented system with a concept that transforms door jambs into screens, allowing you to see through. The system is based on the use of different cameras and projectors displaying images on reflective surfaces.

All this promises a 360-degree view for the driver, who can then see passers-by, cyclists and other obstacles that would usually be camouflaged in blind spots or by the very structure of his vehicle.

The system also offers the display of a phantom, transparent vehicle, which presents itself as an aid to guidance. The driver only has to follow the ghost vehicle, position himself in the same lane, as if he were following a guide bringing him to the destination of his choice.

The software integrated into the module is also capable of recognizing and identifying certain objects, passers-by, vehicles, obstacles, in order to underline them by notifications (framed, flashes, sound) to alert the driver of their presence and of an immediate danger.

Still at the conceptual stage, the "urban windshield" could find concrete applications in the years to come, and settle beyond the simple vehicles offered by Jaguar Land Rover.