stanza - Tutoriel :  lire des eBooks et flux d

read eBooks and news feeds on iPhone

I recently discovered an app and a site and both of them great, so I decided to tell you about it. The site in question is Feedbooks, a gigantic repertoire ofFree and legal eBooks. This site therefore offers the download of eBooks and by digging, I discovered that these eBooks are particularly suitable for iPhone and iPod Touch, thanks to the application Stanza.

stanza - Tutorial: reading eBooks and news feeds on iPhone

So here's a tutorial in which I will explain how to proceed step by step to read thousands of e-books in all languages, but also newspapers and even better: how create your own personalized article feed !

1 * / The first step is to download the free app Stanza and install it.

2 * / Visit the Feedbooks site and sign up (optional but very practical for some things)

3 * / Open Stanza

4 * / Go to “Online Catalog”

5 * / You will find here thousands of books, mostly English, that's why I advise you to go to “Free Books on FeedBook”

6 * / You are now inside the FeedBook catalog. We continue the navigation with an example.

7 * / Go to “Languages” then “French” and finally “Most Popular”

8 * / As you know that I am a great intellectual and passionate about great literature, I choose "The Red and the Black" by Stendhal.

9 * / Once arrived on the description, you can, if you like the book, click on “Download” then validate.

10 * / In a few seconds, the download is done, you can start reading by clicking on “Read”.

11 * / When you return to your library (home menu), you will find all of your works.

Now, here's why I previously suggested you sign up for FeedBooks.

Returning to the online catalog, click on “Newspapers and Magazines” then “My Subscriptions”

On this page, you can identify yourself with your account created on FeedBooks. This will allow you to subscribe to news feeds on FeedBooks and receive them in eBook format on your iPhone.

The big advantage is that you can even create a news feed yourself using any RSS link. You will understand, your subscriptions created on the FeedBooks site will be found on your iPhone!

So what do you think of this application?