Image 1 : Razer présente son Blade Stealth 13 (2020), un PC portable gaming compact et repensé

Razer presents its Blade Stealth13 (2020), a compact and redesigned gaming laptop

Razer renews the Blade Stealth 13 with an i7-1065G7 and a 4GB GeForce GTX1650 Ti Max-Q from VRAMGDDR5. Lutrabook also has two new screens with a Full HD panel in 120 Hz and another in 4K 60 Hz.

Razer renews the most compact of its computers for players. Without being a revolution, the next Blade Stealth13 is not satisfied with a simple update of the CPU GPU couple, but also brings some evolutions, in particular a redesigned keyboard and a new notch.

Lultrabook retains most of the design introduced in 2018. Its one-piece anodized aluminum chassis is still as compact with a thickness of only 1.53cm and a weight of 1.41kg. The Razer Blade Stealth13 holds its rank, and will still be one of the most efficient machines of its category in 2020.

Image 1: Razer presents its Blade Stealth13 (2020), a compact and redesigned gaming laptopCrdit: Razer

The 2020 vintage adopts a 10th generation Intel with Ice Lake i7-1065G7 4 courses at 1.3 GHz in base frequency and up to 3.9 GHz in boost frequency, accompanied by 16 GB RAM LPDDR4 3733 MHz Dual Channel.

Its GPU is also gaining power with the arrival of a GeForce GTX1650 Ti Max-Q features 4GB of VRAMGDDR5, something to delight players, but also creatives if they can be satisfied with a notch of 13 inches. The card also illustrates by an electrical consumption much lower than that of a classic Ti. NVIDIA gives consumption of only 35 W TGP against 50 W TGP for the standard model (the TGP value measuring all the power used by the graphics card).

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Razer Blade Stealth 13: 1080p 120 Hz or 4K 60 Hz notch

The main change Blade Stealth 13 edition 2020 is located on the display. Razer offers it with a notch 13.3-inch IPS LCD in Full HD 100% compatible with the sRGB color space, and with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, twice as much as for the 2019 vintage. It also comes in a version 4K touch, but only in 60 Hz.

The manufacturer has also corrected small faults on its keyboard and redesigned its layout. More classic, it should make it easier to handle.

The new Blade Stealth13 will be available next month in Europe from 1990 in its version Full HD 120Hz. If we use American rates, it will take around 200 additional ones to equip it with a 60 Hz screen.

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Source: Razer