Razer Kishi: a Switch controller for Android and iOS

Image 1 : Razer Kishi : une manette de Switch pour Android et iOS

Razer has just introduced Kishi, a smartphone controller placed on each side of the screen, a bit like a Nintendo Switch. To reduce latency, the Kishi connects directly via USB-C or Lightning.

Image 1: Razer Kishi: a Switch controller for Android and iOS

If it is not always easy to play video games via the touch screen, this Razer Kishi should meet all the expectations of players looking for immediate response time. Ideal day to play Call of Duty Mobile, crowned best game in the Play Store 2019, but not Mario Kart Tour, best game in the App Store 2019, this one does not support external controllers.

Turn your smartphone into a latency-free switch with the Razer Kishi

Certainly, the format of the Razer Kishi is not an innovation in itself. Razer has already made available its Junglecat which we told you about in October and other manufacturers like Ipega also offer solutions of this type. But what makes the Kishi unique is that unlike other models that use Bluetooth, this one uses direct connection via USB-C or Lightning port of the smartphone, theoretically allowing extremely low latency. However, it will take the socket is in the center, which excludes the Asus ROG II yet planned for players.

Kishi comes in the form of 2 handles linked together by an elastic belt in back. They come to enclose the smartphone. All recent Android smartphones with a central USB-C socket are compatible, as are iPhone 6 and higher. As for games, these must be support mobile controllers for android, or MFI controllers for iOS. In addition, it was designed in partnership with Nvidia and is therefore part of the “GeForce NOW Recommended” program allowing PC players to use their smartphone as a screen and controller and which has been compared for you with its competitors.

Regarding the controls, we find on the left side, an analog stick, a directional cross, a home button, previous, and two triggers. On the right side there is an analog stick, 4 action buttons, 2 triggers and a next button. Plugging directly into the smartphone, it doesn’tno battery required. Better, it is even possible to connect the Kishi to USB to charge the smartphone during a game phase. He will be available at the start of the year, and if the price has not been announced, it should be around a hundred euros, like the Junglecat.

Source: Pocket-Lint