RAW raw format management for photos

RAW raw format management for photos

The mobile app HTC Camera, available for free on the Google Play portal, has just been updated and offers exclusivity for the brand's latest high-end smartphone, the HTC One M9.

This is the possibility of accessing the raw data from the photo sensor with a recording to the RAW format. This is the data file as retrieved by the 20 megapixel photo sensor in the case of HTC One M9 and before processing by the on-board dedicated chips.


This possibility will allow photographers to recover this raw data and to use it in specific software and to focus on the parameters of their choice for results distinct from that offered by the automatic processing offered by Htc for pictures saved in JPEG format.

HTC One M9 photo 02

This possibility will only interest users who really want to spend time working on photos taken from the smartphone, even if the choice of RAW format will allow the recording of two photos, one, heavy, in DNG format and the another, much lighter, in JPEG format.

With the quality of smartphone photo sensors progressing rapidly and remaining a differentiator for manufacturers, we can expect a generalization of the management of the RAW format in high-end devices.