Rabbi Suggests Burning iPhone

Rabbi Suggests Burning iPhone

The chairman of the Hasidic dynasty Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky threatens to evict members of the community who would be caught with a kosher cell phone or a computer with internet connection iPhones included! ”. This rabbi not only called for a boycott of electronic devices that do not meet strict Orthodox rules, but also asked to burn all this paraphernalia…

During a sermon this week, Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky launched an unprecedented attack on modern devices. Anyone caught with a non-kosher device will be immediately removed from the yeshiva, he said. The rabbi added that students whose parents have a computer with an Internet connection would be expelled from the institutions of the Hasidic dynasty.

I warn you that anyone who owns one of these devices should burn them tonight. Many houses were shattered because of this and many divorce cases are the result of this destruction. He then spoke about dating sites for religious Jews and explained that many young people have complained about these websites.

At the same time, members of the community asked to be able to use the Kosher Blackberry device due to its growing popularity in the haredi sector. According to a recent pilot study, the Kosher Blackberry would only be used to access email and not to make phone calls.

At the end of April, Alcatel launched the world's first kosher phone on the Israeli market. A telephone entirely in Yiddish. This telephone has no SMS function or Internet, Facebook or email access. He also doesn't have a camera. And if you call from this phone on Shabbat, you will pay the exorbitant price of 2 per minute.

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