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The Qwant application offers both a good search and browsing experience (via Liberty) and allows you to discover applications that respect your privacy. To test (at least)!


What is Qwant?

In the first place, Qwant is a search engine, like Google for example. Resulting from a French initiative, it was launched in 2013 and underwent an overhaul in 2015.

The concept of Qwant hold in two points:

  • be neutral in the display of results
  • do not track users (protection of privacy): no cookies, private browsing without targeted advertising, no history

… And the Qwant app?

The search engine

The application Qwant allows, it seems obvious, to use the eponymous search engine. It’s a minimum.

The applications directory

But the application Qwant does not stop there, it will also provide access to a list of “respectable” applications. Classified by categories (web, security, communication, data), these are apps allowing you, for example, to navigate without being tracked or to store your documents online securely.

The browser

Finally, the app Qwant integrates a web browser called Liberty; it is a secure browser following a zero knowledge protocol: identifiers are encrypted on the device and never stored remotely. It also guarantees the user never to be traced.00C8000008643026-photo-qwant.jpg00C8000008643030-photo-qwant.jpg00C8000008643028-photo-qwant.jpg
In order: the search engine, the application directory and the Liberty browser

Is the Qwant application, in practical terms, good?

In practice, the application interface is particularly well thought out, intuitive and, therefore, accessible to all. Notwithstanding, we would have preferred to see the directory of applications as well as Liberty accessible in the form of options rather than as tabs of the app on which we slide without sometimes doing it on purpose.

The quality of the search engine is no longer questionable: clear, fast and efficient, it has already proven itself.