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Quick Settings Android 1.9.8 p2

Free, free and practical, Quick Settings is an excellent solution to quickly control and configure your Android phone. Translated into French and well thought out, the whole is to be discovered urgently!

On Android, the “Settings” shortcut has a central role. It allows you to configure the phone’s functions, access information in real time, but also to adjust the system parameters in detail. However, despite a clear presentation, well chosen but also captioned headings, the whole is still too complex and tortuous. Fortunately, it is possible to use “widgets” to quickly change a parameter without having to delve into a labyrinth of sub-headings. However, the proliferation of “widgets” mobilizes office space and resources. To simplify your task, Clubic offers you to discover a free, free and practical solution that you will quickly adopt!

Quick Settings is a real dashboard to easily control an Android phone. Its strong point is to offer quick access to essential Android settings via a single interface, clear and translated into French. Without having to multiply widgets, it is possible to activate and deactivate with a single press the 3G, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, ringtone and brightness functions. You can also precisely adjust the brightness, activate the ringer and vibrator simultaneously or separately, but also control in detail the volume of notifications, media, alarms, voice calls and system sounds. Another ergonomic tour de force, just press the title of each section to directly access the corresponding traditional menu and thus modify the advanced parameters.

Not stopping on such a good path, there are 6 additional functions via the “Personalize” menu. You can add them to those displayed by default, rearrange the positions and hide those of your choice. In the end, you will be able to adjust the “master” volume on the same principle, activate the Wifi Hotspot function to share your connection, switch to airplane mode, deactivate service synchronization and automatic rotation or even set automatic shutdown. , the locking scheme and mobile data.

In addition, it will discreetly display the battery usage rate, the space remaining on the SD card and the available memory. There is also a button “Torch” allowing the choice to turn on the Flash LED of the camera or to make appear a white background with the brightness of the screen pushed to its maximum. Finally, on the options side of the application, you will be able to activate the dialogue mode, modify the properties of the “Torch” and more practical still, add a shortcut icon in the drop-down notification menu of Android!