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Quibi: the pocket SVOD platform

Quick Bites contraction, translate into “quick bites”, Quibi is a video on demand platform only available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It offers short content of less than 10 minutes, covering many themes such as news, sport, celebrities, fictions and documentaries to watch on the go, in public transport or under the duvet.

This VOD platform was founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks studios and chaired by Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and HP. If it sets up in a sector of VOD with the fierce competition from Netflix, Amazon Video and Disney +, Quibi aims to offer programs and formats suitable for mobile. On the menu, short and dynamic series and daily news to keep up with the latest news.


Original and varied content

Quibi is an application and service entirely in English. Indeed, all the programs and including the subtitles are only available in the language of Shakespeare and in Spanish. French subtitles are therefore absent for the moment.

The catalog of original programs and series is not extensive at the moment but offers quality content. There are humorous series, shows with US celebrities and well-crafted thrillers. Some documentaries complete the catalog, which is set to be completed in the coming months.

Only credo, the programs do not exceed 10 minutes per episode and can be played both horizontally and vertically. A really practical feature for reading on smartphones.

The application is also distinguished by numerous shows, videos and short documentaries posted daily by several channels that allow you to update the catalog and watch current videos on the go.


First steps in the application

The interface looks like that of a classic VOD platform: “For You” brings together the latest episodes released, the trendy and most popular series, “Browse” to navigate and find content by genre, a search engine integrated allows you to find programs by genre, title or name of a person.

The “Following” tab groups together all the programs and series followed by the account. It is possible to consult the list of episodes in a series and to continue reading when stopped during the last viewing. The Android application can be set to receive a notification or an e-mail when a new episode or a new season of a favorite series is released.

We will end the tour of the interface with the “Downloads” category which allows us to discover an essential functionality of Quibi on Android: downloading episodes. All content can thus be downloaded to the device for offline viewing.

Reading and handling

As mentioned above, the display of videos is optimized for viewing on smartphones with an optimization for landscape mode and portrait mode. When playing an episode, it is possible to change the subtitles and quickly advance or rewind the video by double pressing left or right. The app also includes a mode to simplify reading controls for left-handed people.Quibi

Subscription and termination

Quibi is a VOD platform only accessible under subscription, called “Ad Free” at 8.99 € / month with the possibility of subscribing via Google Play Store for Android devices. Note that the service offers a free 14-day trial version that can be canceled at any time, without delay or additional costs. In Android, termination can be done during the free trial period, but 24 hours before its end. This can be done at any time via the Google Play Store and subscription management.

Finally, note that a subscription does not allow the creation of several profiles and can be used on one device at a time.