first observatory of UFC-Que Choisir

Quality of service from Bouygues, Free, Numericable, Orange, SFR

Operators with more than 100,000 subscribers have published their measures on the quality of service for access to fixed services as usual. For the third quarter of 2014, these are indicators on network access such as the time to provide the connection, the rate of breakdowns, the time to repair.

On the other hand, there is no question of measures on the loading times of web pages, video streaming or even P2P which had been the subject of an observatory in beta version (and therefore perfectible) and also widely criticized. by Free.

Connection times without intervention at the customerNumericable remains the fastest. For 50% of the requests delivered, follow Orange, Free, SFR then Bouygues Telecom.

For 95% of the requests delivered (hatched part of the graph), SFR then does a little better than Free. This remains an area where Bouygues Telecom is lagging behind the others. In fact, the gap was closed for 50% of the requests delivered but widened for 95%.


Connection times with intervention by a technicianNumericable retains its leadership position ahead of Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free.

For 95% of the requests delivered, Orange takes much more language but it is also the case of Free which does less well at this level than in the second quarter.


Rate of reported failuresDuring the first 30 days, Numericable is the least affected. In ADSL, there are fewer worries with the Freebox compared to the box of SFR and Bouygues Telecom. The Livebox is once again at the bottom of the pack.

arcep-quality-service-fixed-access-t3-2014-3Beyond the first 30 days, SFR takes the lead with Numericable when the others are almost equal behind.

arcep-quality-service-fixed-access-t3-2014-4Time to repair a failureWhen faults are detected, SFR takes the most time to repair 95% of the problems. Orange is the fastest in ADSL.