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Qualcomm to Pay Apple $ 1 Billion


Posted: March 19 2019
Updated: March 18, 2019

by Steve

Qualcomm must pay to Apple a sum close to a billion dollars to reimburse patent rights. No, the sentence you just read is not dystopian, nor is it related to the trial that World is Small covered it all last week. Above all, it was the decision of a California district judge who ruled in favor of the apple brand in one of the many legal battles between it and its former modem supplier, Qualcomm.

Qualcomm - Qualcomm to Pay $ 1 Billion to Apple

Qualcomm would have in fact made a commercial agreement with Apple, which the first firm would not have respected. Hence this gigantic reimbursement. The latter does not therefore concern the theft of patents from the trial last week, but a lawsuit brought by Apple against Qualcomm: the company has indeed refused to reimburse certain patent rights.

As the news agency explains Reuters, Apple’s suppliers paid royalties to Qualcomm for using patented technology, and Apple then reimbursed its suppliers. Qualcomm then had to reimburse Apple, but it did not because Apple “ broke the agreement Between the two companies. A billion dollars is therefore much more than Apple owes Qualcomm for the theft of patents, a sum amounting to 37 million dollars.