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Qualcomm: Apple soon to be deprived of importing certain iPhones?


Posted: March 28 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

by Steve

But when Apple and Qualcomm will they be reconciled? Probably never. In a legal battle for many months now, the former supplier of modems of Apple, Qualcomm, accuses the giant with the apple to have infringed some of its patents. In one of the last lawsuits between the two companies, justice has ruled in Qualcomm, ruling that Apple should pay Qualcomm $ 31 million. A paltry sum compared to the enormous value of Apple, but all the same.

Apple justice - Qualcomm: Apple soon to be deprived of importing certain iPhones?

Today, the reaction of an American judge, MaryJoan McNamara, worries the Cupertino company. She recommends indeed ban the import of certain iPhones in the United States. The iPhone concerned are certainly not the iPhone XS and XR. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 and 8 are undoubtedly the targeted phones. The latter have already been withdrawn from sales in Germany.

A new import ban would have a heavy impact on US sales. And this, regardless of the model concerned. Apple believes that no blocking should be put in place. The war between Qualcomm and Apple is therefore far from over. Especially since the apple brand has lost more battles than it has won, since besides Germany, the Chinese justice system has also ruled in favor of Qualcomm.