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QooApp is a fluid and intuitive Asian games store, useful for accessing games and applications that are inaccessible on GooglePlay. It is essential in view of its catalog enriched by an international community. This application will allow lovers of Asian culture to live their passion from their smartphones or tablets, despite the language barriers.

What is the role of QooApp?

QooAppInstallable on Android devices, QooApp is an application offering a large and varied catalog of Asian games (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), which can be used directly on smartphones or tablets. It also offers a newspaper linked to world video game entertainment and the possibility of reading certain directly from its platform.

The application offers many games, such as Naruto or One Piece, to name only the best known. Lovers of the universe will be served since many available games find their inspiration in the Japanese universe.

Why install this APK?

QooApp not being available on the Google Play Store, it is necessary to manually install the APK file on your device.

However, it is important to note that the installation of the application requires the user to authorize it for various accesses to the phone, in particular for downloading certain files without authorization or the automatic start of QooApp as soon as the ignition ‘apparatus.

In addition, some users testify to the need to use a VPN because some apps are reserved for regional users.

What are its features?

QooappQooApp offers referencing and downloading games from China, Japan and Korea. The set is classified by categories, according to their relevance, their gratuitousness or the themes approached in the games. Recommendations and news are also offered by QooApp, as well as thematic selections based on your selection criteria.

Each game has its own file describing its specificities, the languages ​​offered, the opinions of other users and a promotional video of the proposed app. QooApp allows you to submit games you want but not found on the store, follow the different ideas and comment on them, allowing you to interact with other users.

Its grip

Since the creation of the international version, the application has been available in English. The user can easily navigate between the different catalogs and tabs offered. He can also update his games from the application.