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Pwn20wn: a flaw in iOS 12.1 gives access to deleted photos

As part of the annual competition Mobile Pwn20wn organized in Tokyo, the two security researchers Richard Zhu and Amat Cama have highlighted a flaw on iOS 12.1 allowing access to photos that have been deleted from theiPhone. Note that the two men pocketed $ 60,000.

For a few years, the web giants (Google, Microsoft… and Apple) have not hesitated to call on the experts to improve the security of their products. During the Mobile Pwn20wn, the two researchers discovered a bug at the heart of iOS 12.1 (the latest version of the Apple mobile OS).

Pwn2Own Tokyo 2018 - Pwn20wn: A flaw in iOS 12.1 gives access to deleted photos

Using a iPhone X and a Wi-Fi network “malicious“, The researchers were able to find a recently deleted photo from the phone memory. The flaw was not explained in detail, but the American firm is now aware of the problem and can take care of solving the detected problem. The brand could offer a fix with the next update of its mobile OS, iOS 12.1.1.

In addition, the two researchers also managed to find the same flaw on a Galaxy S9 and a Xiaomi Mi 6. For information, the Mobile Pwn20wn competition is very beneficial for large web groups, in that it allows each year to lifting the veil on several faults.