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PUBG Mobile0.14.0

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

This motto is the ultimate goal of the most daring squads, players hidden in a fern or those on the lookout behind a tree and having only a frying pan as their only habit. By its full name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG is available for Android smartphones and tablets.

After a resounding success on PC, in parallel with that of Fortnite Battle Royale, this mobile version promises parts of Battle Royale in which there should be only one survivor! Free then to go alone against all, in duo or in squad with his friends or strangers around the world.

How is a game?

In classic Battle Royale mode, PUBG brings together 100 players on one of four titanic maps between the vastness of Soviet-inspired Erangel, Miramar and arid plains, the snow-covered map Vikendi and its cosmodrome or even the jungle of Sanhok . Players parachute and seek to assemble the best possible equipment as the playing area shrinks. On the menu, handguns or firearms ranging from a simple pistol to a sniper rifle, protections and care items complete the “perfect stuff” for the good survivor.

The player is helped by vehicles, healing packs and weapons dropped in the area and an interactive map that also shows where the shots or footsteps are coming from. A written and voice chat system allows members of the same team to communicate on the presence of enemies or on the path to take.

Abundant game modes

PUBG Mobile has grown since its release and now offers several fun game modes combined in the mode Arcade. There are classic death matches, sniper rifle training, a War mode in which two teams compete or the mode Mini-Zone which allows you to compete in a small area. Well thought out these game modes are unlocked from level 10 and only available a few days in the week. The third section concerns the mode EvoGround which offers a classic team death match, ideal for getting to know the game, as well as modes against zombies controlled by other players or by AI. To start well, the game has a training mode to learn about vehicles, arsenal and movement in the game which can be complex.

Events and partnerships galore

In addition to its many single or multiplayer game modes, PUBG Mobile gratifies its community with many events, season passes and other partnerships. Indeed, microtransactions are legion but above all allow to bring cosmetic improvements and no weapons or particular advantages.

Partnerships and winks are also numerous with events related to Resident Evil 2 or The Walking Dead in the form of game modes, characters or clothing.

Random gameplay

This PC port on mobiles suffers from the difficulties of touch support. Virtual joysticks and a host of buttons (inventory, player position, map, etc.) complicate movement and aiming. Adaptation time is therefore necessary to familiarize yourself with the different controls and thus go up in levels. Welcome to the automatic loot system which allows you to automatically pick up certain items.

In terms of progression, the game offers a rise in levels and earnings of BP, the game money which allows to acquire new cosmetic elements.

Soundtrack and graphics

The real technical success of PUBG on Android is based on an almost identical reproduction of the main cards available on PC. The game offers three graphic qualities depending on the performance of the device. Note however the anti-aliasing which is painful at times but the whole remains a remarkable success.

The immersion is also accomplished thanks to an excellent sound rendering, earphones or headphones are highly recommended to make the most of the experience, from the propellers of the plane flying over this gigantic map to the shots firing in all directions. as the playing area inexorably closes.