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Pub iPhone 11 Pro: Apple touts resistance and the camera

iPhone 11 Pro: specification sheet, news, prices and release date

iphone 11 iconWhile Apple has presented three models of iPhone 11, the firm Apple begins by promoting the most high-end model, the iPhone 11 Pro.

Indeed, the first advertisements are exclusively dedicated to the iPhone 11 Pro, at least for now. The two new features highlighted are the resistance, a point that we highlighted in our reviews, as well as the camera, an indisputable argument with its potential standard.

iphone 11 pro green night camera

IPhone 11 Pro is tough leather

This first video focuses on a rather original point for Apple: resistance. The iPhone 11 Pro shows that it is a tough leather with attacks from all sides: water, food, toys, and others. The iPhone 11 Pro is ready for life after Apple. We remind you, this model is equipped with a new glass front and rear which is the most resistant on the market, and which it shares with the iPhone 11. On the other hand, the Pro is entitled to a specific textured treatment .

The iPhone 11 Pro is a camera pro

The second video highlights the merits of the new photo block of the iPhone 11 Pro. With its triple sensor, the iPhone 2019 takes a picture of a dog here, still in the same room as the first video. We can see the three possible viewing angles thanks to the very wide angle, wide angle and telephoto. Finally, Apple focuses on the famous night mode that Samsung, Huawei or Google have had for over a year.

Cinematic Tests: the new Apple series

The third advertising spot is a cinematographic test medley produced with an iPhone 11 Pro. Beautiful images that will soon be joined by others. It is indeed a new series dedicated to the iPhone 11 Pro that Apple will regularly supply.