PS5: the sale of a black skin canceled following a wave of threats

The sale of a PS5 with a black skin turned into a fiasco. After a sudden shortage of stock, many Internet users began to send threats to the team in charge of the project. Eventually, all orders were canceled. The launch of the skin is postponed until Greek calendars.

ps5 skin black sale canceled

As of Jan. 5, 2021, SUP3R5, a newly born modder collective on Reddit, was marketing a PS5 featuring a black PS2-inspired skin for a starting price of $ 649. On its site, the collective also offered a matching black skin for the DualSense controller. This black edition was limited to only 304 copies.

Not surprisingly, players flocked to consoles as soon as pre-orders opened. Within seconds, SUP3R5 had managed to sell all the 304 black PS5 promised. Some of the home consoles were probably pre-ordered by speculators who wanted to resell the machine at a high price on a peer-to-peer sales site. De facto, many interested buyers were unable to complete their order or payment. Some did not receive an order confirmation after payment.

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Threats cancel launch of black PS5

Frustrated at not being able to pre-order the black PS5, many internet users would have sent threats to the SUP3R5 team. In a statement published on his Twitter account, now deleted, SUP3R5 mentions “Credible threats to their security”. The manufacturer explains: “We take these threats seriously. We are not prepared to risk the safety and well-being of our team“.

Under these conditions, SUP3R5 preferred cancel 304 orders registered and postpone the launch of the black console to a later date. “All orders placed will be canceled and fully refunded in the coming days. You will receive a notification to know when. It was a nice way for us to celebrate our nostalgia ” details the collective. Nevertheless, the skin manufacturer assures that “If we determine that it is safe to try again, we will”. Note that the SUP3R5 website is still online but the consoles are no longer offered for sale.