PS5: Super U reserves the console for customers with a loyalty card, Internet users are furious

The PS5 was briefly available on the Super U site. Faced with the low stock of available consoles, the French brand decided to reserve the PlayStation for customers with a loyalty card. Super U’s decision quickly angered Internet users, deprived of their Sony console at the last moment.

PS5 Amazon
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The PS5 is one of the most sought after products of this end of the year. Out of stock at all resellers, the console is being sold at exorbitant prices by speculators on sites like eBay and LeBonCoin.

Occasionally, some brands put on sale a limited stock of PS5. This Thursday, December 3, the PS5 was thus briefly available for purchase on the site of Carrefour and Super U. The latter sold a stock of 500 PlayStation in the space of a few minutes. To get your hands on a console, you had to be very fast (and very lucky).

Super U claims to prioritize its loyal customers

As our colleagues from Le Figaro report, it was imperative to bring your Super U loyalty card to order a PS5. When paying, the brand asks to enter name, surname, age, collection address and the number of the U loyalty card. A section of the FAQ warns buyers. Internet users who do not have a Super U loyalty card therefore left empty-handed.

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On Twitter, the supermarket’s policy angered Internet users, who were stuck at the last stage of their purchase. “Since when do you need a MANDATORY loyalty card to order a ps5? Super U you pissed me off for the day ” tackle a surfer.

Contacted by Le Figaro, Super U admits wanting to prioritize its customers the most faithful in these particular conditions. “We had around 500 consoles in stock. When we have so little quantity, we put in place measures to favor loyal customers ” explains a spokesperson.

Without much surprise, the French brand claims to be dependent on Sony. “We would prefer to have more stock to meet the overall demand. Unfortunately, only Sony decides ” adds the spokesperson. The Japanese giant has also promised that new stocks of PS5 will be available at resellers before the end of the year. On Amazon, new units will be available on December 18, 2020.

Source: Le Figaro