PS5: Sony refuses to apply the warranty when the console was bought on the black market

While the PS5 is available in many countries around the world, the launch of the console is still long overdue in India. Never mind, some Indian buyers are taking advantage of the gray market to buy consoles from European markets. Sony warns them, these consoles will in no case be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

ps5 india walking gray
Credit: Sony

As you probably know, the PS5 has been officially available in France since November 19, 2020. Like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, Sony’s console is particularly difficult to get hold of, and those for a number of reasons. To the limited stocks due to the health crisis, we must add the speculators who buy PS5 by the thousands to resell them at a high price on the Net.

As an example, a 22-year-old speculator stood out this week by buying 221 PS5 thanks to a bot. He has already earned over $ 40,000 per week. If the practice is morally wrong, it remains completely legal as he likes to remind. The icing on the cake is also to be wary of the armada of crooks who resell PS5 photos on eBay, again at prices that defy understanding.

The launch of the PS5 in India is still pending

If the situation is therefore complicated in France and in Europe to get their hands on the PS5, in India it is simply impossible. And for good reason, since the launch of the console has been postponed to an undetermined date, for undetermined reasons. Fact, of Indian customers do not hesitate to buy PS5s from the European or American markets.

In this specific case, Indian customers resort to gray market. As a reminder, the gray market is the market share of a product that is not controlled by the manufacturer. Gray markets are frequent, especially in the field of rare or luxury goods which are deployed according to a selective distribution policy or which have pricing policies varying according to geographic areas. This is the case of the PS5.

Now and according to the MenXP site, PS5 consoles purchased via speculators from the European or American markets will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. “We advise our customers to check Sony India official warranty card at the time of purchase to avail India warranty benefits and in this context it is important to note that Playstation products marketed by Sony India are certified on the basis of Indian safety standards stipulated by the BIS (ndrl: Bureau of Indian Standards) ”, specified the Indian division of the manufacturer.

Source: MensXP