PS5: Samsung confirms the arrival of a 4K 120 Hz HDR patch for its TVs

PS5 and Samsung TV owners will soon be able to play in 4K 120Hz HDR. Samsung confirms the arrival of a patch in a console firmware update scheduled for March.

Credit: Unsplash

PS5 players who own recent Samsung TVs have quickly noticed that it is impossible to display games at the same time in 4K, HDR and 120 Hz. Even if the console offers it. The bug then leads to a black screen. Unhappy players then have no other solution than to switch back to 60 Hz, disable HDR or opt for a lower definition.

It seems anyway that the catalog of PS5 games compatible with all these modes at the same time is not yet very extensive. Gold, to believe Samsung, things are progressing. A patch will be included in a firmware update for the PS5 due in March 2021. The info comes from the official Samsung forum in Germany.

Sony finally fixes the 4K 120 Hz HDR bug of the PS5 with Samsung TVs

A moderator says: “The error has been identified and Sony is expected to release an update in March to make 4K 120Hz with HDR possible. Make sure to keep your PS5 up to date. Your TV does not need a software update (but we recommend always keeping your system up to date for stability and security reasons). Your TV does not need to be repaired, so there is no need to contact technical service ”.

The first next-gen gamers whether on PS5 or Xbox Series X must contend with some bugs and missing features. Problems which are moreover common during the launch of new generations of consoles. These problems are usually resolved in the weeks following discharge. But this year two factors complicate the situation.

First there is the complexity of consoles, which now look more like very advanced gaming PCs, as well as advanced technologies that they are trying to exploit. On TVs, 4K is becoming common, but 120Hz refresh or even HDR is not necessarily. Especially since there are several incompatible standards between them.

This in itself represents a challenge for developers, as it has to adapt to many compatibility scenarios. To make matters worse, the coronavirus pandemic disrupts the activity of all businesses around the world – including Samsung and Sony. Employees are teleworked, and solving this kind of problem without face-to-face is necessarily more complex and takes more time.

Source: Techradar