PS5: robbers attack trucks full of consoles at full speed on the highway

The PS5 continues to attract the lust of thieves of all stripes. According to our colleagues at The Times, the “roolovers” have multiplied on British motorways in recent weeks. This technique consists of attacking a delivery truck launched on the highway, and getting on board to steal the goods.

ps5 attack
Credits: Pixabay

Definitely, the launch of the PS5 is definitely apart. Available as of November 19, 2020 only, the debut of the Sony console is marked by continued stockouts, an avalanche of bugs and technical glitches, and armed robbery.

Remember, in late November, thieves stole a van full of PS5s after breaking into a Fedex warehouse near Lyon. But on this Monday, December 7, 2020, we learn that thieves with a particular style have been rampant in recent weeks on British highways.

PS5 shipments attacked multiple times

Indeed, the delivery trucks of PS5, televisions, iPhone 12, cosmetics and cigarettes are regularly intercepted by robbers. These thieves, probably fans of the Fast & Furious saga, practice the “rollover”, a technique which consists in attacking a vehicle launched on the highway.

The procedure is simple. The robbers start by gluing the target truck, staying in the back. Once close enough, one of them exits the vehicle, either through a window or through the sunroof, all while being secured by a rope. Then, using wire cutters or a crowbar, the thief opens the door of the dumpster before entering it and toss the goods to his accomplices who are waiting in the vehicle.

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According to the British daily The Times, authorities recorded 27 such attacks this year. And according to them, this figure has been steadily increasing since the launch of the PS5 and the approach of the holiday season. Faced with the increase in these spectacular robberies, the police have asked carriers to remain cautious and call the police in the event of an attack.

According to a former safety officer of the Road Haulage Association, a private company dedicated to the interests of the trucking industry, these robbers necessarily get information from inside. “Someone has to know where and when this vehicle is, it can’t just be chance ”, he asserts. Note that this technique is not new. Already in 2012, the Romanian police were able to film one of the robberies on the highway. You can also find the video above. Eurogamer attempted to obtain comment from Sony regarding its flights, without success.