PS5: Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, is a fan of DualSense

Phil Spencer is the boss of the Xbox division at Microsoft, but that doesn’t stop him from admiring what the competing console PlayStation offers. He is also full of praise for the Sony controller. He also specifies that the console war no longer has much meaning today, everyone can find their place.

Credit: Phonandroid

Xbox Division CEO Phil Spencer loves the PS5’s DualSense. During a long interview with the American site The Verge, he was full of praise for the controller. For him, it is an example that can pull the entire industry up in this segment. He gave his sentiment on the product between two questions about Microsoft’s strategy with the Xbox:

I applaud what they did with the controller. I shouldn’t say just for the specifics of the pad, but much more than those specifics. I think in this industry we can all learn from each other and innovation should pull us all up, whether it’s with a business model like Game Pass, a technology used in a controller or even like with the Wii at the time, which clearly had an impact on us and which drove us to develop Kinect and Sony the PS Move.

He then adds:

I think this innovation is something that we should look at in order to learn, grow (…). We try to keep our eyes open on this. For any technology, whether it’s a controller, something on VR or anything else …

Phil Spencer points out “fanboyism”

It is true that the PS5 controller, named DualSense, represents a small revolution in the world of Sony consoles. If it incorporates all the technologies already known on previous models, it also brings very interesting innovations, such as haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. The Xbox Series X controller is also excellent, but wiser, remaining in the continuity of that of the Xbox One, already almost perfect.

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During this interview, Phil Spencer also addressed the issue of console warfare and “fanboyism”. He ensures – rightly – that the tribalism around this or that machine is a real poison in the industry and that fans should never want to see the competitor fail – quite the contrary. A few weeks ago, he even toyed with the idea of ​​seeing a partnership between Sony and Microsoft around xCloud.

Source: The Verge