PS5 sur eBay

PS5: on eBay, empty boxes are sold for more than 1000 €

Since the release of the PS5, scams abound on eBay. The latest is to simply sell the empty box of the console, usually for more than 1000 €. Aware of this growing problem, the platform affirmed to put all the means to implement to fight against these fallacious offers.

PS5 on eBay

We can no longer count the number of unlucky ones who were made scam wanting to buy a PS5. It must be said that dishonest resellers have no shortage of ideas. Between the concrete block at more than 700 €, or even a simple photo of the console, eBay has become in a few months the platform of choice for all those who want to make money easily. In front of a shortage that is clearly here to stay, the prices have indeed exploded on the sites of sale between private individuals, which pushes some to the creativity.

They are notably several to play with the limits of bad faith. Numerous announcements regarding the empty PS5 box have appeared on eBay. However, these are sold at a high price: most often for more than 1000 €, or the average price of the console on the platform at the moment. A few imprudent people thus omit to read the advertisement attentively and, probably for fear of seeing the object of their covetousness disappear, hasten to proceed to the cash register. without checking the exact content of the offer.

Empty PS5 boxes sold for gold

Although most resellers quietly state that their listing is for the box only and not for the console itself, eBay considers this kind of practice to be contrary to its terms of use. According to these, sellers are not allowed to “Misleadingly represent the object of the sale”. The platform thus declared that it had initiated “Actions to remove fraudulent ads from the site”.

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While some of these transactions were successful, eBay claims that resellers have not been paid, with those who won the auction most often complaining about the scam in the comments. “For any purchase, especially for high priced items, we recommend that interested parties exercise caution and read the description of the property carefully”.

The unlucky ones who received an empty box always have the possibility of being reimbursed by eBay, thanks to the warranty available. “EBay is committed to providing a safe and secure shopping experience for millions of people. Our protections include state-of-the-art detection tools to control announcements as well as robust new member verification systems ”. This did not prevent speculators from earning 24 million euros in two weeks on the platform.

Source: Video Game Chronicles