PS5: no new stock in the UK before 2021, and in France?

PS5: no new stock in the UK before 2021, and in France?

The PS5 continues to establish itself as one of the hardest to find products of this end of the year. In the United Kingdom, many brands will not also receive additional stock of consoles before January 2021. The situation across the Channel is bad omen for the many French who wish to slip a PS5 under the Christmas tree.

Credit: Phonandroid

Since their arrival on the market in November 2020, Sony’s PS5s quickly found themselves out of stock in France. Currently, both consoles are not available at most brands. Regularly, some resellers offer a stock of PS5 but limited. Recently, this was the case with Amazon, Auchan or even Super U. But faced with this chronic shortage, many gamers fear they will not find a PlayStation 5 under the Christmas tree.

The situation is the same in the United Kingdom, report our colleagues from Video Games Chronicles on December 9, 2020. Across the Channel, many brands are also warning buyers: there will be no no restocking of PS5 by January 2021.

No PS5 under the Christmas tree?

This is particularly the case of Argos, a subsidiary of Sainsbury. “We will be out of stock for the rest of 2020” specifies the sign on the page dedicated to the PS5. Same story with Asda, a British supermarket chain. On Twitter, customer service the sign kills the hopes of buyers in the bud affirming that “We won’t be getting any more stock from the PS5 until Christmas”. Contacted by Video Games Chronicles, the Smyths toy store confirmed the bad news. “We expect more PS5 at the start of 2021” reassures Argo customer service, pointing to restocking from January 2021.

Obviously, the successive announcements of British brands do not bode well for France. A few weeks ago, Sony however promised new stocks of PS5 will be well available at the dealers before the end of the year. The Japanese giant has never specified the quantity of consoles that will be made available. It is possible that the stock allocated to some countries has already been used up. To try to get your hands on the console, we advise you to closely monitor the dealers

Source: VGC