PS5 démontage

PS5: iFixit confirms that it is ultra-easy to disassemble and repair

The iFixit site was able to dismantle the Sony PS5, and its conclusion is clear: it is the easiest console to repair that has passed into the expert hands of the site engineers! iFixit gives it a repairability rating of 7/10, which promises inexpensive repairs in the event of a problem.

PS5 disassembly
Credit: iFixit

Do you have or will you buy the Sony PS5? iFixit has good news for you: according to the site, you made a smart choice, at least from the point of view of durability and repairs. The site experts have indeed carried out a dismantling of the console and its controller even more complete than that of Sony, so as not to meet really big disappointments. The first good surprise is that Sony did not spread glue on the internal components, as manufacturers often do.

Screws, more screws, more screws. Everything is retained by these small simple machines in threaded metal which transform the rotational movements into translational movement directed along the axis of rotation (we have described it to you at their height) – so practical that one wonders why they are no longer the norm everywhere. However, even before getting to the screws, iFixit notices: “This console may seem to come from another planet, the opening procedure is rather adapted to human beings“.

PS5: a repairman’s paradise with a thousand and one screws, according to iFixit

PS5 disassembly
Credit: iFixit

IFixit liked the fact that the side panels open without any tools. Especially since the removal of these panels immediately gives access to easy-to-replace components such as the fan, an M.2 slot for a future additional SSD volume, as well as ports that simplify the dusting of the console. The screws then meet, behind the scenes of the console, those where the user is not supposed to put his fingers.

However, inside, everything comes apart quite easily. It is even possible to separate the SoC from the cooling solution despite the use of liquid metal. We see that Sony has developed a sort of foam dam, which prevents the metal polyalloy from ending up where it shouldn’t be, otherwise you will grill components (yum!). And the Dualsense controller? It is in the opinion of iFixit just as easy to disassemble and repair. There is still a point of glue, just unclip the black border to reveal two scissors that give access to the entrails.

iFixit thus awards a score of 7/10 to the console and its controller. The only real complaint is the use of security screws to make it more difficult to access parts of the PS5 that Sony obviously does not want users to have access to.

Source: iFixit