PS5: he makes his wife believe that it is an air purifier, she sells it a misery

The PS5 is an extremely coveted product. Some obviously do not hesitate to lie to their wives to acquire the new Sony console. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily work all the time.

ps5 purifier
Credits: Sony & Rowenta / Editing: Phonandroid

As you know, the Playstation 5 has been officially available since November 12, 2020 in the United States and around the world since November 19, 2020. To say that the console is extremely coveted is an understatement. This December 3, 2020, Carrefour and Super U announced the restocking of stocks on their respective sites. These few hundred PS5s were sold in just a few minutes, causing queues of two or three hours to access both sites.

Today’s unusual story about the PS5 comes from Taiwan. Jim Wu was, like many Taiwanese, looking for a PS5 on the web. He came across an ad for a classic PS5, strangely sold at a price significantly lower than that set by Sony. Intrigued and interested, the man begins a discussion with the seller.

Lying to his wife for a PS5? Bad idea…

After a few exchanges, he understands that he is actually addressing the seller’s wife. The latter makes him understand that she is particularly in a hurry to close the sale. The two parties meet to proceed with the transaction. Once there, Jim Wu finally finds himself in the company of the husband, who decides to explain to him the whole story behind this strange sale.

He confides in her that he bought the console in secret, without having discussed it beforehand with his wife. History of passing the pill, the man awkwardly tried to pass his PS5 off as an air purifier to his beloved… It was probably relying a little too much on the alleged ignorance of the person concerned, who did not fall into the trap for a single second.

ps5 facebook testimonial
Credits: Facebook Capture

Furious and disappointed by her husband’s behavior, she gives him a soap before forcing him to resell the console, all for a price lower than the purchase price … Jim Wu confides on Facebook that the man in question seemed particularly disappointed to have been caught and to have to part with his console so soon … We can console ourselves by saying that Jim Wu at least got a good deal in this story.

Anyway, between the madmen who put their PS5 in a crusher for fun, Youtubers who have fun destroying it to make the buzz, not to mention robberies with armed hands, the launch of the PS5 is rather atypical.

Source: Fox 32