PS5: he buys the console on eBay for more than 700 euros and receives a concrete block

We can imagine the immense disappointment this eBay buyer had when he received what he thought was the new PS5. By opening the package, it is not the famous Sony console that he was able to discover inside. No, it is a concrete block that the unscrupulous seller finally sent him. If scams are already usually flourishing on auction and classified ad sites, they are doubling in this period of console shortage.

PS5 prohibited

A few days ago, eBay was warning sellers trying to scam buyers by simply posting a photo of the PS5 box. The scam is quite common: a seller sells the box of content, without specifying whether the content is there or not. Content that he keeps of course, then content to ship the packaging box.

If eBay has recently taken the lead in the face of scam attempts related to the Playstation 5, it has not cooled the enthusiasm of unscrupulous sellers. A resident of Orem in the United States had the unpleasant surprise of receive a strange product instead of the console which he had nevertheless bought much more than his official price.

EBay user receives concrete block instead of PS5

The PS5 is currently out of stock all over the world, and the slightest attempt at restocking results in mass buys from bots and sites with severe server difficulties. No longer holding on, a user of the eBay site then tried his luck on the auction site. He managed to find a console for the modest sum of 878 dollars (725 euros). Recall that the official price of the console announced by Sony is 499 euros, a capital gain of approximately 45%.

But when the package got to him, it wasn’t the console that this 38-year-old buyer finally received. Upon opening the box, he discovered that the seller had sent him a concrete block. Not really useful for playing Spider-Man Miles Morales or Cyberpunk 2077. The man then immediately contacted the local police, who advised him to turn to eBay for a refund.

As purchases on the platform are fully covered (everything depends on the payment method used), it should not have any difficulty in recovering its costs. Nevertheless, false joy for him: he still has no PS5 in his hands and if it was a gift for the end of the year, the hope of finding one at a decent price. day by day.

Source: Fox13