PS5: he buys 221 consoles thanks to a bot and earns more than 40,000 dollars in a week

A speculator calling himself Mike F has made $ 40,000 since the release of the PS5. Aided by bots, he bought more than 200 pre-order consoles before reselling them at a high price. Although completely legal, this practice irritates many players, especially those victims of the shortage who could not get the machine.

Sony playstation 5

Despite being very unpopular with gamers, speculators still manage to make a ton of money. With PS5s offered for more than 1000 € on eBay, there is no need to look very far for what may push some to get started in this discipline. This is particularly the case of Mike F, who preferred to hide the rest of his last name for security, who has amassed no less than 40,000 dollars in less than a week.

Mike can thank the best launch in PlayStation history, which resulted in shortages around the world. At only 22 years old, the young American managed to get hold of 221 PS5, 110 standards and 111 Digital Edition, using bots, but also by purchasing manually. “I used all possible resources”, he specifies. At 399 or 499 dollars a console, the speculator is not yet profitable. Nevertheless, he has no doubt that the rest of his stock will be sold by the end of the year thanks to the approach of Christmas time.

The speculator claims to have calculated the risks

Mike F is not his first time. Before tackling the PS5, the speculator gained experience selling swimming pools, when demand was at its highest this year. “I don’t think anyone can do that, because they don’t have access to the same resources that I do that every day”, he declares. The young man has indeed recently left his studies to embark on this new activity full time.

Like his fellow speculators, he expresses no regrets. “If I can make money and it’s legal, I buy it and I sell it“, he explains. As for the criticisms of which it is the object, he replies that it is useless to take the subject too seriously. “You will eventually have your console. There are a lot of people who want to pay in premium, it’s just a simple system of supply and demand ”. Fortunately, for those who still refuse to pay 1000 € for their PS5, Sony has announced that stock will be available before Christmas.

Source: Business Insider