PS5: Gran Turismo 7 should arrive later than expected

The PS5 will host a number of flagship titles in 2021, including Gran Turismo 7. While the game was slated for release in the first half of the year, there are indications that it will eventually arrive later than announced, but still. in 2021.


Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most anticipated games on PS5. The car simulation should delight fans of the genre, but also our retinas. Polyphony Digital indeed promises a game that will hold 60 frames per second in 4K with ray-tracing enabled. We will wait and see and we will have to be patient, since the game is apparently not no longer scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Indeed, a new advertisement from Sony shows the games that will arrive next year. Gran Turismo 7 appears there, with the mention “released in 2021”. The same goes for Ratchet and Clank, Rift Apart, also scheduled for the first six months of the year. This is a detail that could have gone unnoticed. After all, the 2021 mention remains vague enough to hope for a release at the beginning of the year. However, Sony quietly updated another similar ad released in November, according to Twisted Voxel.

Temporary exclusives galore

In the latter, Gran Turismo appeared there with the mention “planned for the first half of 2021”. Advertising has been slightly changed, since the game appears with the mention “in development on PlayStation”. Ratchet and Clank is always accompanied by the mention “first half of 2021”. What to leave more time for the teams to calmly develop their games? This change is certainly not trivial.

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Sony’s new video also reveals a few cool things. For example, Deathloop and Ghostwire, both published by Bethesda (so Microsoft) are mentioned as temporary PS5 exclusives for a period of twelve months. Project Athia, a new game from the creators of Final Fantasy XV, is accompanied by the mention “temporary exclusivity of 24 months”.

In all cases, the PS5 will bet on its exclusives, temporary or not, and hopes to be carried by its historic licenses, like Gran Turismo. 2021 should also see the arrival of other flagship titles on the console, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy 16 or – with luck – God of War Ragnarok.

Source: Twisted Voxel