PS5 games: Sony gives a release window for Project Athia and other titles

Sony has unveiled, on the sidelines of a video released as part of CES 2021, the release window of half a dozen games. Including the mysterious Project Athia, which should remain a console exclusive for 2 years.

Project Athia
Credit: Square Enix

The way in which the information was (officially) unveiled by Sony is surprising. And for good reason : you really had to squint to realize it. Sony released a video on the sidelines of CES 2021, in which the company looks back on its successes and innovations to come in 2021.

In the third third of the video, Jim Ryan talks for a few minutes about the games of the PlayStation 5. A segment, it must be said, a little soporific. We learn, apparently, not much: Sony is here again on its product, what Sony has done since its release and some of the games available since the launch of the console.

Sony sneaks up on windows and release dates for several PS5 games

Then the presentation ends, and after a few diverse and varied images of the console and some games, the sequence ends on few seconds of blue screen PlayStation, with information on the output windows of many titles at the bottom. It actually looks like this (around 10:38 in the Sony video):

PS5 output windows
Credit: Sony

Which gives us the following windows / release dates:

  • Returnal : release on 03/19/21
  • Pragmata : released in 2023
  • Solar Ash : released in June 2021
  • Kena Bridge of Spirits : release in March 2021
  • Stray & GhostWire Tokyo : release in October 2021
  • Little Devil Inside : released in July 2021
  • Project Athia : released in January 2022
  • Hitman 3 : released in January 2021
  • Horizon Forbidden West : release in the course of 2021

Most of this data doesn’t tell us anything. For example we know that Hitman 3 is due to arrive by the end of January. But there are three games for which we did not know a date or release window. This is for example the case of Stray, an adventure game that follows a cat in a futuristic city full of robots, and we learn of the release in the month of October.

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GhostWire Tokyo, a first-person shooter from Tango Gameworks, which until now had only a vague launch window in the course of 2021, is now expected for the month of October. Finally – and this is probably the most important info – the mysterious Project Athia of Square Enix becomes clearer. We are now awaiting its release for the month of January 2022.