PS5: discover the 24 karat gold bling bling version at € 8,600 “only”

The British props maker TrulyExquisite has just released the inevitable: very bling bling editions of the PS5 with panels in gold, rose gold or even platinum… Enough to literally make your living room shine with a thousand sparkles, especially in case of rage!

PS5 or 24 karats
Credit: TrulyExquisite

Without being able to get your hands on a PS5 at a normal price, you cherish the idea of ​​buying a console at all costs even if it means turning to a speculator at a high price? STOP ALL IMMEDIATELY! While some do not hesitate to sell normal PS5s sometimes well over 1000 euros on eBay, the British luxury equipment manufacturer TrulyExquisite managed to put a few hundred PS5s in its inventory. And offers you from just £ 7,999 – just over 8,600 euros don’t choke – customized versions with panels in 24 karat gold, 18 karat pink gold or even … coated with platinum, one of the rarest precious metals (which means it’s even more expensive!).

We note that at this price, TrulyExquisite only affixes metal panels to the center console casing, which remains in shiny plastic comparatively very cheap. The “entry-level” option is the gold version, followed by the 18 karat rose gold console at 8,099 Pounds Sterling (8,978 euros) in the Digital version, and of course the Platinum Edition available from 8,199 Pounds Sterling (9,089 euros) ). Count 100 pounds more (110 euros at the time of this writing) to have the PS5 with disk drive. And that’s not all, because there are also the accessories! The DualSense controller in gold is thus offered 699 pounds sterling (775 euros). Count 724 Pounds Sterling (802 euros) for the rose gold version and 749 Pounds Sterling (830 euros) for the platinum controller.

The same goes for the PS5 3D Pulse headset, available from 579 pounds sterling in gold version (641 euros, barely more expensive than the AirPods Max, which itself has only a vulgar aluminum casing!). Alas TrulyExquisite regret to inform you that the helmet in question is already out of stock. What a pity… We learn in passing that each edition is limited to 250 copies. And that the luxury props designer limits the number of purchases to 100 “To avoid speculators” (really?) – at least we can bet that the price of these editions will be already dissuasive!

Source: TrulyExquisite